Guidesman 1000 Lumen Flashlight VS XML T6 G700 Tactical Flashlight

BrandGuidesman 1000 lumen flashlightXML T6 G700 Tactical Flashlight
Battery2 x AA batteries
1 x 18650 battery
Dimensions10.04 H x 7.68 W x 1.77 D138*28*40mm
Weight1.35 pound150g without battery
LampLED LightT6 LED

Guidesman 1000 Lumen Flashlight


1.The Guidesman flashlight has 1000 lumens of light output, it is perfect for camping trips, after-dark excursions and power outages.

2.This Guidesman flashlight also includes 9AA Alkaline Batteries, it has 2.5 hour run time and 328 foot beam distance.


1.Just 2 light modes: high mode and low mode.

XML T6 G700 Tactical Flashlight


1.The huge light output and overall quality is an unexpected but pleasant surprise. 5 light modes you can choose.

2.Power source is very useful and versatile, as it gives the option of a rechargeable battery, which is included, or three common AAA batteries.

3.The lightweight aluminum body of the flashlight makes it convenient and durable as well.


1.Some customers were dissatisfied at how the flashlight will automatically switch to the next lower setting when turned on.


People are generally surprised at the quality of XML T6 G700 Tactical Flashlight because of the fair price point. The adjustable lens means you can focus on specific objects or spaces when needs, which makes it particularly useful for security guards, police officers and hunters alike. And many customers have noted the longevity of the batteries when used in this product, making it more reliable than other flashlights on the market.

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