Product Description
high power 3W cree led flashlight same as sanford
Large and clear light beam
New reflector
Inside structure little different
LED lifetime: 150,000 hours, before using LED lifetime is 100,000 hours, built-in charging construction allows direct charging with rechargeable batteries
Physical construction avoids circuit damaging from reverse connection of battery
Highly polished reflector withstands extreme temperature and delivers superior optical performance
Tempered glass lens
Precision machined high-strength aerospace aluminum body, mil-spec hard-anodized for extreme durability
Water-resistant seals throughout flashlight protect all internal components from harsh environment condition
Various sizes are available: 1 x AA, 2 x AA, 3 x AA, 1 x SC, 2 x SC, 3 x SC, 1 x C, 2 x C, 3 x C, 2 x D and 3 x D

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