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  • Diving

  • Underwater 100M distance
  • IPX8 waterproof 

  • Outdoor

  • 4000 Lumnes 
  • XHP70 Bulb

  • Heavy Works

  • 5 Mode 
  • 2X 26650 battary

why red flashlight for astronomy


? There's a little explanation that will "open your eyes"

I use a small with screw-on filter over the lens. It does double duty when needed.

Blinded by the . In by Brian Koberlein8 April 20150 Comments.

That is I created the . The features that make unique are: * All the interface and settings are * Adjustable brightness level so you only use the amount of you need.

is an / torch that has been specifically engineered to replace a standard .

Why do astronomers use red flashlights? - Brian Koberlein

flashlight - My head torch/lamp has a red mode, why? - The ...

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