xml t6 instruction manual

Operation Instuction

1.Check the battery, ensure that the battery is charged and loaded in the right direction.

2.Switching ON/OFFTo switch ON: Press the tail button until a “click” is heard.To switch OFF: with the light on, press the tail button again until a “click” is heard.

3.When the battery power is low, the flashlight will darken or can't chage the modes, At this point, the flashlight should be off immediately and replace the battery.

4.Plug the mains adapter into the charger unit and connect to an appropriate power source. Insert the battery into the charger unit ensuring that the polarity of the battery and charger correspond. The mains adapter indicator light will light up RED during the charging process. The indicator light will change to GREEN once the battery has been fully charged.Charging time is approximately 3~5 hours. AVOID overcharging.

Battery Instuction

1.Please don't mis batteries of different brands, size, capacity or type. Doing so may cause damage to the flashlight or the batteries being used.

2.If not intend to use the flashlight for long period , the battery should be removed and kept in dry and low-temperature environment with full charge. Recommended to charge the battery once every three months.


Every 6 months, threads should be wiped with a clean cloth followed by a thin coatingof silicon-based lubricant.


1. Don‘t turn on the flashlight on the place unattended. 
2. Don't let children use the flashlight without adult supervision. 
3. Don't light a flashlight to direct exposure to human and animal eyes. 
4. AVOID direct eye exposure.
5. Long storage and transportation, please remove the battery.

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